/ (ˈhɪpɑːk) /

  1. (in ancient Greece) a cavalry commander

Origin of hipparch

C17: from Greek hippos horse + -arch

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How to use hipparch in a sentence

  • The following conversation with a youth who had just been elected hipparch (or commandant of cavalry), I can also vouch for.

    The Memorabilia | Xenophon
  • The two kings now sent to beg for aid; and asked that Lycortas should come as commander-in-chief, and Polybius as hipparch.

  • When the hipparch led Hermon into this place a number of people had already assembled there.

    Arachne, Complete | Georg Ebers
  • Yet as soon as Hermon, leaning on the young hipparch's arm, approached her, she rose and cordially extended both hands to him.

    Arachne, Complete | Georg Ebers
  • It was the young hipparch who had studied in Athens and accompanied the commandant of Pelusium to Tennis the year before.

    Arachne, Complete | Georg Ebers