[ hip-uh-kras ]
/ ˈhɪp əˌkræs /


an old medicinal cordial made of wine mixed with spices.

Origin of hippocras

1325–75; Middle English ypocras, apparently short for ypocras wyn (translation of Medieval Latin vīnum hippocraticum; so called because clarified by filtering through a strainer named after Hippocrates); Middle English ypocras < Old French: Hippocrates < Medieval Latin Hippocrās, alteration of Latin Hippocratēs, on model of words like cīvitās (nominative), cīvitātis (genitive)
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British Dictionary definitions for hippocras

/ (ˈhɪpəʊˌkræs) /


an old English drink of wine flavoured with spices

Word Origin for hippocras

C14 ypocras, from Old French: Hippocrates, probably referring to a filter called Hippocrates' sleeve
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