/ hɜːst /


  1. HirstDamien1965MBritishARTS AND CRAFTS: artist Damien. born 1965, British artist, noted esp for his works featuring dead animals preserved in tanks of formaldehyde, and for his 2007 sculpture, For the Love of God , a human skull encrusted with flawless diamonds

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Example Sentences

Hirst and Perry too have courted their fair share of controversy.

You and Damien Hirst are both great title people, I observed.

And in April, a Florida pastor named Kevin Sutherland was convicted of trying to sell fraudulent Damien Hirst paintings.

Taxidermy also put Damien Hirst on the map, and Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan is famous for his arresting taxidermy horses.

Damien Hirst suspended sharks and cows in formaldehyde, but Tracey Emin had “the bed.”

"I expected we should have seen you before, dear," said Mrs. Hirst.

"It's just another of your absurd fads, Patty Hirst," said Ella.

Hirst saw the pig do this several times, and he determined to stop the little game.

From Dr. Hirst we heard a most interesting and exhaustive speech regarding the studies of the cadets and their merits.

Hirst suggests that a rope should be passed round the horns, so as to enable all hands to join in the pull.