1. a combining form representing Spain or Spanish in compound words: Hispano-American.

Origin of Hispano-

<Latin Hispān(us) pertaining to Hispānia the Iberian Peninsula + -o-

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How to use Hispano- in a sentence

  • No Hispano-moresque swords exist of earlier date than the fifteenth century, and these have richly-worked hilts in the Arab taste.

    Armour in England | J. Starkie Gardner
  • Altars are gaudily decorated and statues bejeweled and be (artificial) flowered in Hispano-Italian fashion.

    Riviera Towns | Herbert Adams Gibbons
  • It was readily adapted for the use of the Hispano-Suiza 150-horsepower engine.

  • Nevertheless, the feeling of a common Hispano-American brotherhood is weak.

  • All the exuberant life garnered by Hispano-Arab culture lives in the Spanish buildings.

    Things seen in Spain | C. Gasquoine Hartley