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[ his-ing ]


  1. the act of emitting a hiss.
  2. the sound of a hiss.
  3. Archaic. an occasion or object of scorn.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hissing1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; hiss, -ing 1

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Example Sentences

He was already several hours into an overnight flight to Bangkok when he heard a hissing sound and saw smoke rising from the dewar that he was keeping upright on the floor between his legs.

Add the hissing of pneumatic bus brakes, distant sirens, the boom-boom of overloud car stereos, the occasional car alarm, music coming from shops you pass, the beeping of a reversing delivery truck.

Among them is the dragon blood tree, which for years has been used as both a paint and a medicine, and the Socotran chameleon, a small, hissing reptile with a crazy long tongue.

From Ozy

CLAIRE: (hissing) Have you ever considered, even for a second, that what I do matters too?

They make all kinds of calls and noises as we pass: slurps, hissing, barking, and even machine-gun sounds.

There will be more solbreeders," she said in a soft, almost hissing voice, "there will always be more!

On his loins was a lion of great fierceness, and coiled round his waist was a hissing mamba (snake).

The gander came towards them, stretching out his neck, and hissing loudly.

Black Hood fell back from the door, staggered by his first contact with that hissing gray hell.

Very carefully, Jess explained again which word said see, hissing like a huge snake to show him how the s sounded.

After the adagio from the First Symphony—also included in the programme—even a slight hissing was heard.