hoddin (ˈhɒdɪn)

/ (ˈhɒdən) /

  1. a coarse homespun cloth produced in Scotland: hodden grey is made by mixing black and white wools

Origin of hodden

C18: Scottish, of obscure origin

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How to use hodden in a sentence

  • Women had come in bright-hued calicoes and sun-bonnets, and bearded, gaunt men in hodden-gray.

    The Code of the Mountains | Charles Neville Buck
  • She no longer wore a skirt of beautiful green, but a long robe of hodden grey covered her from head to foot.

    Stories from the Ballads | Mary MacGregor
  • During a turn round Bridge Street, a country cart heaves alongside, steered by a stalwart man in hodden gray.

    Ireland as It Is | Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
  • It was the purple and fine gold which first caught her fancy, though on reflection she might decide for the hodden-grey.

    The Half-Hearted | John Buchan
  • Miss Jessop feared the coming of the customs boat as much as hodden feared the reporters.

    One Day's Courtship | Robert Barr