[ hof-muhn; German hawf-mahn ]


  1. E(rnst) T(he·o·dor) A(ma·de·us) (Wil·helm) [e, r, nst , tey, -aw-doh, r, ah-mah-, dey, -, oo, s , vil, -helm], 1776–1822, German author, composer, and illustrator.
  2. Jo·sef [joh, -z, uh, f, -s, uh, f], 1870–1956, Viennese architect and designer, born in Austria-Hungary.
  3. Ro·ald [roh, -, uh, l, -ahl], born 1937, U.S. chemist, born in Poland: Nobel Prize 1981.

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Example Sentences

Additionally, Gaby Hoffmann showed off a natural below the belt look during her multi-episode arc on the super trendy Girls.

According to Meike Hoffmann, an art historian who has examined the collection, there are works dating back to the 16th century.

Hitler responded by buying her (through Hoffmann) an apartment five minutes from his flat, where Ilse came to live too.

Dr. Hoffmann was a good friend of the composer's, and was frequently found at his rooms smoking.

In this sense Matthys completed the transformation begun by Hoffmann.

The episode is furnished with a beginning and ending original with Hoffmann.

Hoffmann's father was a physician, and he was himself born in Halle, whose university he attended.

Hoffmann was musical director in Bamberg; he is now Government Councillor.





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