[ hawg, hog ]
/ hɔg, hɒg /


verb (used with object), hogged, hog·ging.

verb (used without object), hogged, hog·ging.

Nautical. (of a hull) to have less than the proper amount of sheer because of structural weakness; arch.Compare sag(def 6a).

Idioms for hog

    go the whole hog, to proceed or indulge completely and unreservedly: We went the whole hog and took a cruise around the world.Also go whole hog.
    live high off/on the hog, to be in prosperous circumstances.Also eat high off the hog.

Origin of hog

1300–50; Middle English; compare Old English hogg- in place-names; perhaps < Celtic; compare Welsh hwch, Cornish hogh swine


hog·like, adjectiveun·hogged, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for hog

/ (hɒɡ) /


verb hogs, hogging or hogged (tr)

Derived forms of hog

hogger, nounhoglike, adjective

Word Origin for hog

Old English hogg, from Celtic; compare Cornish hoch
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Idioms and Phrases with hog


see go hog wild; go whole hog; high off the hog; road hog.

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