[ hoh-kee ]
/ ˈhoʊ ki /

adjective, hok·i·er, hok·i·est.

overly sentimental; mawkish: Two glasses of wine and he gets unbearably hokey; it's hard to believe he's a highly paid executive!
obviously contrived, especially to win popular appeal or support; phony: The hokey stories of his impoverished childhood always surface at election time.

Origin of hokey

1945–50; irregular hok(um) + -y1


hok·ey·ness, hok·i·ness, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for hokey

/ (ˈhəʊkɪ) /

adjective slang, mainly US and Canadian

corny; sentimental
contrived; phoney

Word Origin for hokey

C20: from hokum
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