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verb (used with object), hoked, hok·ing.
  1. to alter or manipulate so as to give a deceptively or superficially improved quality or value (usually followed by up): a political speech hoked up with phony statistics.
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  1. hokum.
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Origin of hoke

1930–35; back formation from hokey or hokum
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Related Words for hoking

imitate, lampoon, satirize, parody, do, feign, caricature, simulate, assume, mirror, ditto, burlesque, mime, travesty, fake, affect, counterfeit, ape, hoke

British Dictionary definitions for hoking


  1. (tr usually foll by up) to overplay (a part, etc)
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Word Origin for hoke

C20: perhaps from hokum
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Word Origin and History for hoking


often hoke up, 1935, theatrical slang, probably shortened from hokum.

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