Hokkaido wolf

[ ho-kahy-doh woolf ]

noun,plural Hok·kai·do wolves [ho-kahy-doh woolvz]. /hɒˈkaɪ doʊ ˈwʊlvz/.
  1. a wolf, Canis lupus hattai, one of two subspecies of gray wolf indigenous to the Japanese archipelago, but extinct since the mid-20th century, believed to have last survived on the Russian island of Sakhalin.: Compare Japanese wolf.

Origin of Hokkaido wolf

First recorded in 1930–35
  • Also called Ez·o wolf [ez-oh woolf], /ˈɛz oʊ ˈwʊlf/, Sa·kha·lin wolf [sak-uh-lin woolf, -leen] /ˈsæk əˌlɪn ˈwʊlf, -ˌlin/ .

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