[ hohld-bak ]


  1. the iron or strap on the shaft of a horse-drawn vehicle to which the breeching of the harness is attached, enabling the horse to hold back or to back the vehicle.
  2. a device for restraining or checking, as a doorstop or tieback.
  3. a stop or delay:

    a holdback in negotiations.

  4. a withholding:

    the holdback of a day's pay.

  5. something, as a planned expenditure or allotment, that is withheld or deferred.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of holdback1

First recorded in 1575–85; noun use of verb phrase hold back
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Example Sentences

And sometimes, the biggest holdback to women is that same depth to which they feel.

For this end, during eleven years, all had given their share without stint or holdback.

When the nerve is unduly irritated the holdback, or inhibitory force, is increased, and the heart slows up in the same measure.

In the clouds we were passing over Clingman, Gibbs, and Holdback.





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