holla (ˈhɒlə) or holloa (həˈləʊ)

/ (ˈhɒləʊ) /

nounplural -los, -las or -loas (-ˈləʊz)
  1. a cry for attention, or of encouragement

  1. a cry for attention, or of encouragement

  1. (intr) to shout

Origin of hollo

C16: from French holà ho there!

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How to use hollo in a sentence

  • I thought Guy did not half like it the other day, when he rode up with his "hollo, Morville!"

    The Heir of Redclyffe | Charlotte M. Yonge
  • I wish you could ha' heard how the women screamed, Sammy, ven they picked up the shepherd from underneath the table—hollo!

    The Pickwick Papers | Charles Dickens
  • He called out to the imp, again--'hollo, you boy, never mind that horse; these people will all be here before I can get there.'

    Home as Found | James Fenimore Cooper
  • But first, do you see, let's waken him; for a sleeping man's twice as heavy as one that's awake—hollo, friend!

  • I have written to Adam Ferguson, who will come with a whoop and a hollo.