[hol-ee-hok, -hawk]
  1. any of several plants belonging to the genus Alcea (or Althaea), of the mallow family, native to Eurasia, especially A. rosea, a tall plant having a long cluster of showy, variously colored flowers.

Origin of hollyhock

1225–75; Middle English holihoc, equivalent to holi holy + hoc mallow, Old English hocc
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  1. a tall widely cultivated malvaceous plant, Althaea rosea, with stout hairy stems and spikes of white, yellow, red, or purple flowersAlso called (US): rose mallow

Word Origin for hollyhock

C16: from holy + hock, from Old English hoc mallow
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Word Origin and History for hollyhock

mid-13c., holihoc, from holi "holy" (see holy) + hokke "mallow," from Old English hocc, of unknown origin. Another early name for the plant was caulis Sancti Cuthberti "St. Cuthbert's cole."

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