[ hol-uh-fras-tik, hoh-luh- ]
/ ˌhɒl əˈfræs tɪk, ˌhoʊ lə- /


using or consisting of a single word that functions as a phrase or sentence.
characterized by holophrasis; polysynthetic: a holophrastic language.

Origin of holophrastic

1855–60; holo- + -phrastic; see periphrastic
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British Dictionary definitions for holophrastic

/ (ˌhɒləˈfræstɪk) /


denoting the stage in a child's acquisition of syntax when most utterances are single words
(of languages) tending to express in one word what would be expressed in several words in other languages; polysynthetic

Word Origin for holophrastic

C19: from holo- + Greek phrastikos expressive, from phrazein to express
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