[ hohlp ]

verbNonstandard: South Midland and Southern U.S.
  1. a simple past tense of help.

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How to use holp in a sentence

  • "I gives ye my hand on thet—because I don't see no way ter holp myself," he capitulated.

    The Code of the Mountains | Charles Neville Buck
  • Then lifting them again with almost a happy expression, he added, "but it is Hans who can help Mynheer van holp this time."

    Hans Brinker | Mary Mapes Dodge
  • It was Mevrouw van holp arrayed in the grandest of caps, and the longest of satin aprons ruffled with lace.

    Hans Brinker | Mary Mapes Dodge
  • I hates ter tote any home agin, an dat chile tryin so hard ter holp her ma.

    Three Little Women | Gabrielle E. Jackson
  • The yrksnes of these thinges must be holp by some pretie craft, of the which ye old fathers haue shewed cert fashions.

    The Education of Children | Desiderius Erasmus

British Dictionary definitions for holp


/ (həʊlp) /

  1. archaic, or dialect a past tense of help

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