[ hoh-muh ]

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How to use homa in a sentence

  • And o'er sacred rights of homa Brahmans chant their mantra high, There is heard the jackal's wailing and the raven's ominous cry!

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous
  • The present chapters belong to the period of the revival of the homa cult among the Mazdaists or Zarathustrians.

  • Sarpa homa is the name given to the somewhat elaborate ceremony of snake-worship.

    Beast and Man in India | John Lockwood Kipling
  • All the fragments of the herbs which had been provided for homa were then ground into powder.

    Indian Myth and Legend | Donald Alexander Mackenzie
  • The homa is that sacrificial rite which consists of pouring libations of clarified butter into fire.

    The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa Bk. 3 Pt. 2 | Translated by Kisari Mohan Ganguli