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Origin of home

before 900; Middle English hom, Old English hām (noun and adv.); cognate with Dutch heim, Old Norse heimr, Danish hjem, Swedish hem, German Heim home, Gothic haims village; akin to haunt

1. abode, dwelling, habitation; domicile. See house. 2. hearth, fireside. 3. asylum.

Related formsmin·i·home, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for home in on


/ (hjuːm) /


Derived Formshomelike, adjective

Word Origin for home

Old English hām; related to Old Norse heimr, Gothic haims, Old High German heim, Dutch heem, Greek kōmi village

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Word Origin and History for home in on
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Idioms and Phrases with home in on

home in on

Move toward or focus on a goal, as in He began with a couple of jokes before homing in on the main subject of his talk. This expression originally alluded to a vessel, aircraft or missile being guided to its target by a radio beam or some other means. [c. 1920]


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