1. informal.
    (esp of a young child) left in a house, flat, etc unattended

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Example Sentences

Waiting there, I thought, was safer than walking home alone.

The vampire at the heart of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night neither sparkles nor sleeps in coffins.

A short film followed, featuring a girl, of course, walking home alone at night.

I walked home alone, in the dark, all the unseen voices of that evening still ringing in my ears.

She too spends the days at home alone, weakened by the medication she takes.

She thought, in her simplicity, that the doctor must have died, since Alessandro was riding home alone.

The farmer was home alone, but he knew how to make some hot coffee, which he speedily offered to all of the cadets.

Then dined at home alone, my mind pleased with business, but sad for the absence of my wife.

Having satisfied herself that it was a choice morsel, but too large for her to carry home alone, she set off at once to seek help.

I made up my mind to one thing, I should give up my ticket at Nassau and go home alone by rail through Florida.





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