home farm


British (esp formerly) a farm belonging to and providing food for a large country house

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Historical Examples of home farm

  • This worthy nobleman was and is much attached to his home-farm.

  • The Prior of Ely holds it for three hides and has 220 acres on his home-farm.

    Villainage in England

    Paul Vinogradoff

  • But independently of spit, pot, and pan, what delight in even daunering about the home-farm seeking for a hare!

  • He afterwards returned, bringing with him a Portuguese wife, and settled as shepherd on the home-farm of Ayton Castle.

    Principal Cairns

    John Cairns

  • The larger and better part of the estates, including this house and grounds, and the home-farm.

    Mary Anerley

    R. D. Blackmore