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[ hohm-lis-nis ]


  1. lack of permanent housing, especially this condition generally as a matter of public concern:

    The city partners with community groups to offer resources for youth experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

  2. lack of a feeling of belonging; rootlessness or restlessness:

    He writes about a feeling of homelessness after immigration, when he felt neither firmly bound to his native culture nor fully adapted to the new one.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of homelessness1

First recorded in 1810–20; homeless ( def ) + -ness ( def )

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Example Sentences

He watches four homeless men at the village dump setting fire to a pile of prosthetic legs “for warmth — and s’mores.”

A restaurant that fed the homeless said it might have to close.

The returning students — most of whom are homeless, speak English as a second language or have ­special-education needs — will continue with virtual learning in their classrooms under the supervision of nonteaching staff.

In this latest miniseries, we’ll explore how it’s being used in sports both on athletes and fans, its use in retail stores even how it’s used to serve the homeless.

Bates’ office also confirmed Oceanside will receive nearly $650,000 it hopes can support a year-round homeless shelter in the city, funds the city discussed months ago in its continued discussions about the need for shelter beds in the coastal city.

Crime,  fiscal recklessness, and homelessness are stirring like discordant strains of music.

If the issue that brought a child into foster care is homelessness, child welfare systems must find parents housing.

How a new study could give new insight into what causes homelessness.

The findings are important in demonstrating that homelessness can often be created by medical—as opposed to lifestyle—deviations.

Healthcare, hunger, homelessness, prison re-entry, and interfaith dialogue are all key areas plus more.

The homelessness of men, and even of inanimate vessels, cast away upon strange shores, came strongly in upon my mind.

The windows of the stores were thick with frost, and Albert shivered with a sense of homelessness.

I would ask you to note that in none of the five cases was bad motherhood caused by poverty and homelessness.

It is a state far from God; in other words, it is a state of homelessness.

I had gathered that there was disgrace hanging over us, disgrace, and homelessness for Theobald and me.