honey eater

or hon·ey·eat·er



any of numerous oscine birds of the family Meliphagidae, chiefly of Australasia, having a bill and tongue adapted for extracting the nectar from flowers.

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Origin of honey eater

First recorded in 1725–35

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Examples from the Web for honey-eater

  • Then Louhi sent Otso the Bear, the honey-eater, but he was slain by the hero, who made a banquet of his flesh for the people.

    National Epics|Kate Milner Rabb
  • This Honey-eater is remarkable in having a narrow lilac skin on the cheek, with a light line of yellow feathers beneath it.

  • He suspects that the honey-eater nests at all times of the year.

British Dictionary definitions for honey-eater



any small arboreal songbird of the Australasian family Meliphagidae, having a downward-curving bill and a brushlike tongue specialized for extracting nectar from flowers
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