or hon·ied

[ huhn-eed ]
/ ˈhʌn id /


containing, consisting of, or resembling honey: honeyed drinks.
flattering or ingratiating: honeyed words.
pleasantly soft; dulcet or mellifluous: honeyed tones.

Origin of honeyed

First recorded in 1325–75, honeyed is from the Middle English word honyede. See honey, -ed3

Related forms

hon·eyed·ly, adverbhon·eyed·ness, nounun·hon·eyed, adjective

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Origin of honey

before 900; Middle English hony, Old English hunig; cognate with Dutch, German honig, Old Norse hunang; akin to Greek knēkós pale yellow, tawny

Related forms

hon·ey·ful, adjectivehon·ey·less, adjectivehon·ey·like, adjective
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/ (ˈhʌnɪd) /

adjective poetic

flattering or soothing
made sweet or agreeablehoneyed words
of, full of, or resembling honey

Derived Forms

honeyedly or honiedly, adverb

British Dictionary definitions for honeyed (2 of 2)


/ (ˈhʌnɪ) /


verb honeys, honeying, honeyed or honied

(tr) to sweeten with or as if with honey
(often foll by up) to talk to (someone) in a fond or flattering way

Derived Forms

honey-like, adjective

Word Origin for honey

Old English huneg; related to Old Norse hunang, Old Saxon hanig, German Honig, Greek knēkos yellowish, Sanskrit kánaka- gold
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