[ on-er ]
/ ˈɒn ər /

noun, verb (used with object), adjective Chiefly British.

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See -or1.

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[ on-er ]
/ ˈɒn ər /


verb (used with object)


of, relating to, or noting honor.
Also especially British, hon·our.

Origin of honor

1150–1200; (noun) Middle English (h)on(o)ur < Anglo-French (Old French (h)onor, onur) < Latin honōr- (stem of honor, earlier honōs); (v.) Middle English < Anglo-French (h)on(o)urer < Latin honōrāre, derivative of honor



synonym study for honor

1. Honor, honesty, integrity, sincerity refer to the highest moral principles and the absence of deceit or fraud. Honor denotes a fine sense of, and a strict conformity to, what is considered morally right or due: a high sense of honor; on one's honor. Honesty denotes the presence of probity and particularly the absence of deceit or fraud, especially in business dealings: uncompromising honesty and trustworthiness. Integrity indicates a soundness of moral principle that no power or influence can impair: a man of unquestioned integrity and dependability. Sincerity implies absence of dissimulation or deceit, and a strong adherence to truth: His sincerity was evident in every word. 3. Honor, consideration, distinction refer to the regard in which one is held by others. Honor suggests a combination of liking and respect: His colleagues held him in great honor. Consideration suggests honor because of proved worth: a man worthy of the highest consideration. Distinction suggests particular honor because of qualities or accomplishments: She achieved distinction as a violinist at an early age.
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US honors

/ (ˈɒnəz) /

pl n

observances of respect
(often capital)
  1. (in a university degree or degree course) a rank of the highest academic standard
  2. (as modifier)an honours degree Abbreviation: Hons Compare general (def. 9), pass (def. 35)
a high mark awarded for an examination; distinction
last honours or funeral honours observances of respect at a funeral
military honours ceremonies performed by troops in honour of royalty, at the burial of an officer, etc

British Dictionary definitions for honours (2 of 4)

/ (ˈɒnə) /

noun, verb

the US spelling of honour

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/ (ˈɒnə) /


(preceded by Your, His, or Her)
  1. a title used to or of certain judges
  2. (in Ireland) a form of address in general use

British Dictionary definitions for honours (4 of 4)


US honor

/ (ˈɒnə) /


verb (tr)

See also honours

Derived forms of honour

honourer or US honorer, nounhonourless or US honorless, adjective

Word Origin for honour

C12: from Old French onor, from Latin honor esteem
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