[ hoo kt ]
/ hʊkt /


bent like a hook; hook-shaped.
having a hook or hooks.
made with a hook or by hooking.
  1. addicted to narcotic drugs.
  2. slavishly interested in, devoted to, or obsessed with: He was hooked on television.
Slang. married.

Origin of hooked

before 1000; Middle English hoked, Old English hōkede. See hook1, -ed2, -ed3
Related formshook·ed·ness [hook-id-nis] /ˈhuk ɪd nɪs/, nounsub·hooked, adjective

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Origin of hook

before 900; 1830–40, Americanism for def 36; Middle English hoke (noun and v.), Old English hōc (noun); cognate with Dutch hoek hook, angle, corner; akin to German Haken, Old Norse haki
Related formshook·less, adjectivehook·like, adjective
Can be confusedpenance pennants

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[ hoo k ]
/ hʊk /

verb (used without object)

Slang. to work as a prostitute.

Origin of hook

back formation from hooker1
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/ (hʊkt) /


bent like a hook
having a hook or hooks
caught or trapped
a slang word for married
slang addicted to a drug
(often foll by on) obsessed (with)

Derived Formshookedness (ˈhʊkɪdnɪs), noun

British Dictionary definitions for hooked (2 of 2)


/ (hʊk) /



See also hook-up
Derived Formshookless, adjectivehooklike, adjective

Word Origin for hook

Old English hōc; related to Middle Dutch hōk, Old Norse haki
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Idioms and Phrases with hooked


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  • hook or crook
  • hook up

also see:

  • by hook or crook
  • off the hook
  • on one's own account (hook)

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