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[ hookt ]


  1. bent like a hook; hook-shaped.
  2. having a hook or hooks.
  3. made with a hook or by hooking.
  4. Informal.
    1. addicted to narcotic drugs.
    2. slavishly interested in, devoted to, or obsessed with:

      He was hooked on television.

  5. Slang. married.


/ ˈhʊkɪdnɪs; hʊkt /


  1. bent like a hook
  2. having a hook or hooks
  3. caught or trapped
  4. a slang word for married
  5. slang.
    addicted to a drug
  6. often foll by on obsessed (with)

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Derived Forms

  • hookedness, noun
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Other Words From

  • hook·ed·ness [hook, -id-nis], noun
  • sub·hooked adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of hooked1

before 1000; Middle English hoked, Old English hōkede. See hook 1, -ed 2, -ed 3
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Example Sentences

Completely hooked by the thrill of the hunt, Fuller became determined to collect tickets from the Cubs’ 2016 losses, too.

So I think overall, it’s becoming more and more of a differentiator and a way to attract people and also build these ecosystems of intelligent applications that get people hooked.

I first saw it in the wild more than 5 years ago and I was instantly hooked.

TikTok, on Wednesday, revealed some of the elusive workings of the prized algorithm that keeps hundreds of millions of users worldwide hooked on the viral video app.

From Axios

Jordon later says he’s “hooked” on devices, even if the cameras aren’t always located in the most convenient places for investigators.

Ignoring people you hooked up with at Shooters when encountering them on campus is a quintessential Duke experience.

When I asked why he stayed as long as he did, James said hopelessness kept him hooked.

At his trial, he also said he was hooked on coke from the age of 8.

Meanwhile, Beth is working from inside the hospital to secure the drugs Carol needs and to keep her hooked up to an IV drip.

“So I got hooked on finding the real stories of these people and these movies and these cultural influences,” he said.

His nose was hooked and rather large, his eyes were blue, bright as steel, and set a trifle wide.

Also our six-shooters reposed in their scabbards, the four belts hooked over the horn of MacRae's saddle.

That Hicks—the damned —— —— —— he come t' Baker's as they hooked up t' leave the Spring.

And you had it hanging by the hooked handle on the edge of the counter right beside this lady, didnt you?

The next day the electricians hooked it up to a twelve-hundred-volt feed-line, and by noon it was ready to go.


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