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  1. Benjamin Lawson, 1925–2010, U.S. lawyer, clergyman, and civil rights advocate: executive director of the NAACP 1977–93.

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Example Sentences

While both Ramirez and Hooks said there is strong support for unionizing among their coworkers, there is a pervasive feeling of fear, too.

Hooks said he learned about coronavirus outbreaks at Sycuan only by “reading it in the paper,” but he did one time when his manager urged him to get tested and stay home because a fellow kitchen worker got sick.

Most days they don’t take lunch, Hooks said, and there’s no recourse because the casino isn’t beholden to California’s labor laws.

Drew Hooks, a line cook, said his job is made harder by what he believes is the casino’s intentional and chronic understaffing since the start of the pandemic.

Hooks said that, in the two years he has worked there, management has announced periodic bonuses — including a promised “longevity bonus” to employees who have worked there longer than four years — only to rescind the offer before distribution.

Once a month he attaches a device to his chest, clamps metal bracelets on his wrists, and hooks the whole thing up to a telephone.

The show, Bell Hooks argued in Black Looks: Race and Representation, “represents wom[e]n as the object of a phallocentric gaze.”

We kept going up until we found ourselves in a vast Sharkarama, a huge loft with fake sharks hung from hooks everywhere.

As a whole, Paula is neither catchy enough for the charts nor inventive enough to justify its shortage of hooks.

I love all the trappings of a classic heist plot: stopwatches and masks, grappling hooks and black turtlenecks.

Too near for reflection; too far for intervention: on tenter hooks, in fact; a sort of mental crucifixion.

She was not going to seem to give it him yet; a man on the tenter-hooks was a man in the perfectly right place.

He describes ladders of ropes, with wooden steps, and iron hooks to grip the wall top.

A number of men stood on the bow of the vessel, with ropes and boat-hooks, in readiness to catch and make fast to it.

At the other end he put little curved fish-hooks, and about two feet above them little pieces of lead, called "sinkers."





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