hoop skirt

  1. a woman's skirt made to stand out and drape in a stiff bell-like shape from the waist by an undergarment framework of flexible hoops connected by tapes.
  2. the framework for such a skirt.

Origin of hoop skirt

An Americanism dating back to 1855–60
Also called hoop.
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Contemporary Examples of hoop skirt

Historical Examples of hoop skirt

  • In 1860-65, the hoop-skirt held sway, and the wasp waist was typical of beauty.

    The Arena


  • My hoop-skirt caught on one of the posts, and I fell sprawling into the yard.

    Behind the Scenes

    Elizabeth Keckley

  • In one tent was a side-saddle, a neat pair of gaiters, and a hoop-skirt.

  • In one of her trunks, broken open by pilferers of the attacking party, a hoop-skirt was found.

    Dixie After the War

    Myrta Lockett Avary

  • I see a pitcher iv wan th' other day with nawthin' on her but a basket of cocoanuts an' a hoop-skirt.