[ hohp-wel, -wuh l ]
/ ˈhoʊp wɛl, -wəl /


a city in E Virginia, on the James River.

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or Hope·well·i·an

[ hohp-wel, -wuh l or hohp-wel-ee-uh n ]
/ ˈhoʊp wɛl, -wəl or hoʊpˈwɛl i ən /

adjective Archaeology.

of or relating to an advanced mound-building and agricultural Amerindian culture 100 b.c.–a.d. 400, centered in Ohio and Illinois and characterized by geometric earthworks, many large conical or dome-shaped burial mounds, corded and stamped pottery, ornamental knives and tobacco pipes, and the extensive trading of raw materials and artifacts.

Origin of Hopewell

after Cloud Hopewell, owner (circa 1890) of a farm in Ross Co., Ohio, on which tumuli characterizing the culture were excavated
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