[ hop-ing ]
/ ˈhɒp ɪŋ /


working energetically; busily engaged: He kept the staff hopping in order to get the report finished.
going from one place or situation to another of a similar specified type (usually used in combination): restaurant-hopping.

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    hopping mad, furious; enraged: He was hopping mad when his daughter dropped out of college.

Origin of hopping

First recorded in 1665–75; hop1 + -ing2

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British Dictionary definitions for hopping mad


/ (ˈhɒpɪŋ) /


the action of a person or animal that hops
Tyneside dialect a fair, esp (the Hoppings) an annual fair in Newcastle


hopping mad in a terrible rage
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Idioms and Phrases with hopping mad

hopping mad

Enraged, furious, as in I was hopping mad when they left my name off the list. This expression conjures up an image of jumping up and down with rage. [Colloquial; early 1800s]

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