[ hawr-guh n ]
/ ˈhɔr gən /


Paul,1903–95, U.S. novelist and historian.
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Examples from the Web for horgan

  • The fine frenzy was proved by the fury with which the woman flung wide the portal that the horgan might be drored out.

  • The acting and accessories were perfect; and what poor Robson used to term the "horgan" of Triballos, was wonderful.

    Mystic London:|Charles Maurice Davies
  • You'll find, Mr. Finn, that in public life there's nothing like having a horgan to back you.

    Phineas Finn|Anthony Trollope
  • All I know is, 't were a mixture of a flute and a blackbird, and the play-'em-out-of-Church pipes of the horgan.

    Dariel|R. D. Blackmore