[ hawrn ]


  1. Lena, 1917–2010, U.S. singer and actress.
  2. Marilyn, born 1934, U.S. mezzo-soprano.

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Here, Horne and other experts explain the possible risks of intermittent fasting plans, as well as the benefits and best approaches.

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Horne watched as a gunman shot her husband to death, but despite the horror, she preaches compassion and argues that there’s trauma on both sides.

Horne mentioned to me that it would be the first time she visited their former home in 16 years.

The only Lena I know of is Lena Horne, a wonderful performer, who is not involved in any flaps, and who is also dead.

Sophia Loren and Lena Horne too— carrying off their turbans with grace and glamour.

Horne said the Tucson ethnic-studies classes taught Mexican-Americans to view whites as their historic oppressors.

“I think Horne needs to take credit for his own work,” Acosta said.

Jed Horne moved to New Orleans from New York in 1988 with plans to stay a year and a half.

Jean de Horne was Bishop of Lige for twenty-three years, during which the diocese was seldom free from party warfare.

Bishop Horne agrees; his remarks having evident reference to Hammond's.

Horne Tooke pronounced it a bad book, calculated to do harm.

"I don't see what you can win doing duty and learning your lessons on board of the Josephine," added Horne.

From the epoch of his bust of Horne Tooke—an important patron to him—dates his success.





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