[hawrn-wurt, -wawrt]


any aquatic plant of the genus Ceratophyllum, found in ponds and slow streams.

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Origin of hornwort

First recorded in 1795–1805; horn + wort2

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any aquatic plant of the genus Ceratophyllum, forming submerged branching masses in ponds and slow-flowing streams: family Ceratophyllaceae
any of a group of bryophytes belonging to the phylum Anthocerophyta, resembling liverworts but with hornlike sporophytes
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[hôrnwûrt′, -wôrt′]

Any of about 100 species of small bryophyte plants belonging to the phylum Anthocerophyta. Unlike liverworts but like mosses, hornwort sporophytes have stomata. The hornwort gametophyte consists of a low thallus, out of which numerous slender, upright sporophytes tipped with sporangia grow. The sporophyte has a meristem that elongates the sporophyte with new growth, a feature that distinguishes the plant from the other bryophytes. The name of the hornworts was suggested by the hornlike appearance of the sporophytes. See more at bryophyte.
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