horror show


  1. a situation filled with or causing horror.

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Example Sentences

That’s especially true in Free Guy, a comedy that might have been a horror show without him, but which—almost against the odds—he vests with a loopy sweetness.

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Eastwood might have cast her as the monster in his horror show, but Walter subverted that impulse to deliver a performance touched by vulnerability and the sympathetic spark of mutual understanding.

TV operators in the Philippines used to reserve late-night slots for crime tales and horror shows.

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While most people probably purchase a blacklight flashlight for cleanup purposes, the fluorescent world is not a total horror show.

The details confirm that although reading about this horror show of a year may sometimes feel like getting repeatedly stabbed in the peepers, the real thing is actually far more unpleasant.

Every visit to a hospital is an ordeal but for those who cannot pay for private care the experience is a horror show.

From Arkansas to North Carolina, they crashed harder Tuesday night than they did even in the horror show that was 2010.

With Lindsay Lohan, we were watching the horror show of self-sabotage, and grappled with our role in feeding into it.

But Dave and his crew kept living the nightmare and probing the depths of depravity through their absurdist, folk-art horror-show.

Syria, ranked as the third-worst country by Open Doors, has devolved in the last year to a horror show for Christians.

Mike and Mitzi shrieked delightedly, like a couple of kids watching a horror show.


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