horror story


  1. a story, movie, etc., that entertains or fascinates by shocking or frightening, especially by an emphasis on bloodshed or supernatural forces.
  2. Informal. a distressing experience:

    the horror stories of child abuse.

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Example Sentences

History is littered with horror stories of websites that lost four figures of revenue overnight due to traffic slumps following an algorithm update.

Because “The Living Sea of Waking Dreams” is essentially a horror story, their efforts succeed.

Part dramatic thriller, part horror story, this book deals with urgent topics—workplace diversity, racial politics, and identity—with a deftness that will make readers think while also entertaining them on every single page.

At her last monitoring visit, she said, she heard none of the horror stories that children had told her in the past.

After the end of apartheid, they spent a lot of time just listening, traveling around South Africa listening to all of the horror stories of apartheid.

She told People that November about her alleged horror story.

Le Monde points to the recent creepy clowns in Wasco, California, and the fourth season of “American Horror Story.”

After all, the comeuppance of the Big Bad is the good part of any horror story.

American Horror Story: Freak Show, it seems, is a revenge tale.

But Lange really deserved her American Horror Story trophy, and is always fun to watch at awards shows.

I have taken your life and turned it into a horror story, Sam!





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