hors de combat

[ awr duh kawn-ba ]
/ ɔr də kɔ̃ˈba /

adverb, adjective French.

out of the fight; disabled; no longer able to fight.
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Examples from the Web for hors de combat

  • The fact that more than half of them were hors-de-combat showed how fiercely they had fought.

  • Clouds of kites and troops of monkeys would speedily take such liberties with the fine wires as to place them hors-de-combat.

  • Fully one third of the troops which had paraded at dawn in full confidence of success were now hors-de-combat.

    Ponce de Leon|William Pilling

British Dictionary definitions for hors de combat

hors de combat
/ French (ɔr də kɔ̃ba) /

adjective, adverb (postpositive)

disabled or injured

Word Origin for hors de combat

literally: out of (the) fight
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