horse race



a contest of speed among horses that either are ridden by jockeys or pull sulkies and their drivers.
any formidable contest or competition: The primary election is expected to be a horse race among four opponents.

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Historical Examples of horse-race

  • The occasion was a horse-race at the great Panathenaic festival.

  • The little horse in the horse-race, sah—the bottom dog in the dog-fight, sah.

    Shadows of Shasta

    Joaquin Miller

  • At least, nobody was ever killed when I was at a horse-race.

    Life On The Mississippi, Complete

    Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

  • Your illustration of the horse-race does not clear the matter a particle.

    Frenzied Finance

    Thomas W. Lawson

  • This was said with as much bravado as if he was offering to bet upon a horse-race.

Word Origin and History for horse-race

also horserace, 1580s, from horse (n.) + race (n.1).

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