[hawr-tuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee]


urging to some course of conduct or action; exhorting; encouraging: a hortatory speech.

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Origin of hortatory

1580–90; < Late Latin hortātōrius encouraging, equivalent to hortā(rī) (see hortative) + -tōrius -tory1

Related formshor·ta·to·ri·ly, adverb

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hortative (ˈhɔːtətɪv)


tending to exhort; encouraging
Derived Formshortation, nounhortatorily or hortatively, adverb

Word Origin for hortatory

C16: from Late Latin hortātōrius, from Latin hortārī to exhort

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Word Origin and History for hortatory



1580s, from Middle French hortatoire and directly from Late Latin hortatorius "encouraging, cheering," from hortatus, past participle of hortari "exhort, encourage, urge, incite, instigate," intensive of horiri "urge, incite, encourage," from PIE root *gher- "to like, want" (cf. Old English giernan "to strive, desire, yearn;" Gothic gairnei "desire;" Greek khresthai "to lack, want; use, make use of," kharis "grace, favor," khairein "to rejoice, delight in;" Sanskrit haryati "finds pleasure, likes," harsate "is aroused;" Avestan zara "effort, aim;" Russian zhariti "awake desire, charm").

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