hospital bed


  1. a bed having side rails that can be raised or lowered and a mattress base in three jointed sections so that the head, foot, or middle may be raised by a crank or motor, allowing a patient to lie in various positions, as a therapeutic aid or for comfort.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hospital bed1

First recorded in 1815–25

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Example Sentences

Abdul Jabbar was at his wife’s hospital bed in Shikarpur, in Pakistan’s Sindh province, when he received the phone call.

From Ozy

She watched him on her iPhone screen as he lay in the hospital bed, a blue tube attached to his throat.

He said about 90 percent of the state’s staffed hospital beds are full.

Her baby was fine, a doctor said, but as she was getting ready for discharge, she passed out and woke up a few days later in a hospital bed in Iowa City.

A three-week stay-at-home order showed San Diego with enough breathing room to handle growing demand for hospital beds.

He was lying on a hospital bed, on top of the sheets, and he was wearing beautiful new yellow pajamas.

On Monday, I'll get to see my triage tag in the 9/11 museum—a reminder of the day I reported live from a hospital bed.

The last time I saw Harold Conrad, he was lying in a hospital bed wearing dark sunglasses.

In his biography, Frank, James Kaplan relates that when Sinatra was ill, the producer sat by his hospital bed for hours on end.

As he lay helpless in an L.A. hospital bed feigning sleep he heard caregivers advise his parents to start planning his funeral.

Found the soft, comfortable hospital bed most pleasant after the hard mattresses of the prison.

A hospital bed was exhibited, and also the various sorts of bandages required in special cases.

Do you remember the first hospital bed you ever made, the first bed-bath you gave, the first massage?

There, lying in a white hospital bed, looking pale and very wan, was Nan.

In my machine-sewing room the girls are making hospital bed shirts.





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