hot take


, Informal.
  1. a superficially researched and hastily written journalistic piece, online post, etc., that presents opinions as facts and is often moralistic:

    a hot take on healthcare reform.

  2. a fresh approach or a new version: a hot take on a traditional Italian dish.

    a hot take on a classic song;

    a hot take on a traditional Italian dish.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of hot take1

First recorded in 1995–2000; hot ( def ) (in the sense “extremely exciting or interesting”) + take ( def ) (in the sense “opinion or assessment”)

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Example Sentences

This tightrope demands more nuance than most hot takes can deliver.

Ask me what I mean by “weird” before you bust out with a hot take of trembling outrage.

From Ozy

It’s another episode of Confidence Interval, where we make a persuasive case for a hot take we’ve been hearing … and then reveal how confident we really feel about the idea.

Creatively directed by her wardrobe stylist Bryon Javar and hair stylist Jared Henderson, the trio has been on a hot take this week dropping costumes inspired by Rupaul and Destiny Child.

With Halloween’s official day landing on Saturday, ESSENCE will be sure to catch all the hot takes.

When quite hot take the shells out of the oven and put a small piece of butter and a very little pepper in each shell.

Cook the chicken in this and when hot take it out and thicken the gravy with a little flour.

Before it becomes very hot take the lobster by the back and put it into the warm water head first.





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