/ hɒts /

plural noun

  1. the hots slang.
    intense sexual desire; lust (esp in the phrase have the hots for someone )

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Example Sentences

The colds get colder, the hots get hotter, and the hurricanes get more destructive.

Some garlic sauce, fresh and pickled veggies and maybe even some hots.

Willie leaned over and whispered that Winnie the Pooh had the hots for me.

An Italian happened to be passing with a pushcart loaded with "red-hots" and buns.

He unpinned the dime, bought two "red-hots" and a bun, and fell down in the sand to rest and enjoy himself.

The Italian had been cooking the "red-hots" on a steel plate.

Dickenson's Cumberland Glossary has: 'Muck-hots, panniers for conveying manure on horseback.'

Another judge has built a roarin' fire in a round stove an' is cookin' red-hots on it.





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