hound dog

[ hound-dawg, dog ]
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  1. Chiefly Southern U.S. Dialect. hound1 (def. 1).

  1. Hound Dog, Military. a jet-propelled air-to-ground missile designed to be launched from B-52 aircraft and having nuclear capability.

Origin of hound dog

An Americanism dating back to 1640–50

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How to use hound dog in a sentence

  • There isn't much left of me but hound dog, but even a hound dog will bite if you kick him hard enough.

    The Wreckers | Francis Lynde
  • It was the voice of a hound dog—not so awful loud, but clear and mellow and tuneful, and carried to us on the wind.

    Danny's Own Story | Don Marquis
  • The hound-dog came up and sat down to kick a patch of flea-invaded territory which lay behind his left ear.

    Ralestone Luck | Andre Norton
  • Suddenly a big hound dog that had crept up behind a near-by wagon roared his challenge and rushed the cat.

  • In fifty years breeding from the best, these dogs are all that are needed in a hound dog.

    Hunting Dogs | Oliver Hartley