[ huhv-er-treyn, hov- ]
/ ˈhʌv ərˌtreɪn, ˈhɒv- /


an experimental high-speed British train that rides on a cushion of air and is propelled by a linear motor.
(lowercase) aerotrain.

Origin of Hovertrain

First recorded in 1960–65; hover + train

Definition for hovertrain (2 of 2)


[ air-uh-treyn ]
/ ˈɛər əˌtreɪn /


an experimental high-speed train that rides on a cushion of air over a concrete guide track in the shape of an inverted T and is propelled by one or more propellers or jet engines.

Origin of aerotrain

First recorded in 1965–70; aero- + train
Also called hovertrain.
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British Dictionary definitions for hovertrain


/ (ˈhɒvəˌtreɪn) /


a train that moves over a concrete track and is supported while in motion by a cushion of air supplied by powerful fans
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