[ hou-uhlz ]


  1. William Dean, 1837–1920, U.S. author, critic, and editor.

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Example Sentences

Plus, Howells’ point about SMBs trying to figure it out could mean more headaches for marketers.

“It was not merely the work in which he had constantly grown happier that he saw taken from him,” Howells notes.

William Dean Howells dubbed it the “true way of running off.”

“The dog is a gentleman,” Mark Twain wrote in a letter to William Dean Howells.

Critics consider his most scholarly work to be his eight settings of verses by Howells, and "The Sea."

"We never killed a single soul," Howells said once to the writer of this memoir.

A little later he was urging Howells or Aldrich, or both of them; to come to Hartford to live.

Howells's "Foregone Conclusion" was running in the Atlantic that year, and they delighted in it.

Howells conveys the impression that Clemens had no hand in its authorship beyond the character of Sellers as taken from the book.





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