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[ hou-ev-er ]


  1. nevertheless; yet; on the other hand; in spite of that:

    We have not yet won; however, we shall keep trying.

  2. to whatever extent or degree; no matter how:

    However much you spend, I will reimburse you.

  3. in whatever manner:

    We will allow you to travel however you please.

  4. how; how under the circumstances:

    However did you manage?


  1. in whatever way, manner, or state:

    Arrange your hours however you like.


/ haʊˈɛvə /

sentence connector

  1. still; nevertheless
  2. on the other hand; yet


  1. by whatever means; in whatever manner
  2. used with adjectives expressing or admitting of quantity or degree no matter how

    however long it takes, finish it

  3. an emphatic form of how 1

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Word History and Origins

Origin of however1

First recorded in 1350–1400, however is from the Middle English word hou-ever. See how 1, ever

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Example Sentences

However much we gossip about heterosexual couples with large age gaps, we at least refrain from calling them sex offenders.

However, more than 20 players on the ballot this year were probably worthy of being enshrined in Cooperstown.

In Israel, however, a new law took effect January 1st that banned the use of underweight models.

Despite the strong language, however, the neither the JPO nor Lockheed could dispute a single fact in either Daily Beast report.

There is, however, a separate wing of AQAP designed to inspire their followers to conduct attacks against the West.

However, they were not seen to venture far into the surrounding deciduous forest.

This, however, did not apply to the waters lying directly around the Poloe and Flatland groups.

Suddenly, however, he became aware of a small black spot far ahead in the very middle of the unencumbered track.

Dean Swift was indeed a misanthrope by theory, however he may have made exception to private life.

As a rule, however, even in the case of extreme varieties, a careful examination of the specimen will enable it to be identified.


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When To Use

What are other ways to say however?

The adverb however means “on the other hand” or “in spite of that.” How does it compare to however, but, nevertheless, still, and yet? Learn more on




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