[ hoit ]


  1. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “glee.”

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Example Sentences

Hoyt joined the Army National Guard after his high school graduation and later moved to the Air National Guard.

Hoyt and his wife, who died in 2010, were divorced after more than three decades of marriage.

Hoyt played baseball and basketball and was captain of his football team.

Hoyt was sorely out of shape when his son asked him to run their first race.

The IRS is behind in processing nearly 7 million tax returns, slowing refunds as it implements new stimulusAs a bonus, I’ll also warn you about a potential problem Hoyt brought to my attention.

Mrs. Hoyt would give you the base of her palm against your forehead very hard, snapping a few small bones in your neck.

“There were a smattering of reactions,” Hoyt told The Daily Beast.

“This is a moving target for us,” Hoyt says of synthetic cannabinoids.

I was also drawn, not for the first time, to the works of Matt Hoyt.

These five little objects by Hoyt, which fill a field just 18 inches wide, feel like they punch way above their weight.

Stebbins was killed outright, and Church was wounded, as was also the wife of David Hoyt.

Mrs. Hoyt was dispensing toasted buns, Lebkcken and chocolate, and it was the coziest of companies.

"I don't see what Mr. Mann does with such a lot of animal spirits," continued Mrs. Hoyt.

"You can't come in here," called Mrs. Hoyt poking her head out of the room on the opposite side of the hallway.

Mrs. Hoyt has just stopped in to say that she and her youngsters have decided to go, and some of the boys will go with them.