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or h.q., HQ

abbreviation for

  1. headquarters.


abbreviation for

  1. headquarters

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Example Sentences

Martin was out there judging a cosplay contest as part of Courtyard by Marriott's Super Hero HQ.

Set in a cavernous industrial-style warehouse, Psycle HQ feels like a club you want to be a part of.

They stopped by The Daily Beast HQ to play some beer pong—and challenged Kevin Fallon to a chugging contest.

The BBC HQ is just a short distance from where her husband is in hospital.

Speaking at the refugee camp HQ, The Prince said he had been struck by the generosity of the Jordanian people.

Say that before you leave HQ, you and your bosses sit down over coffee and actually tell each other your keys.

It now had a crude sign proclaiming it voluntary police HQ and outland government center.

There was a street-shrine, or matter transmitter, right there, across the street from the Terran HQ.

HQ had been the post office, a ponderous red-stone building filling a whole block.

Tomorrow we would cross the river and a few hours later we would be back in the Terran HQ.