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  1. Hungary

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Example Sentences

Unlike the buttoned-up Hu, he is sufficiently sure of himself to display a personal side in public.

Yes, to be human is to be hu-miliated, but in the face of that, is spirit which transcends the physical.

As the film scholar Tony Rayns points out, the title evokes A Touch of Zen, the King Hu martial arts classic.

Hu was in power for 10 years and has done almost nothing for the country.

The coming transition also appears to be a sign of the waning power of President Hu.

In the same piece, we are presented with a grand chorus of Turks and Dervises, who sing, "Hu la baba la chou ba la baba la da."

He then, utters three or four times a long low cry of, "Hu-u-u-u!"

Ich habbe eruore sar care for ich iseo sei warschipe hu e 150 unwhiht wi his ferd ase liun iburst.

Accordingly they descended into the cave beneath and taking up Chou-hu they again dressed him in his own robes.

"The necessity for the elaborate caution of the past no longer exists," remarked Chou-hu presently.