verb (used with object)
  1. to give offense to; make angry.
  2. to treat with arrogance or contempt; bluster at; hector or bully.
  3. Checkers. to remove (a piece) from the board as a penalty for failing to make a compulsory capture.
  4. Slang. to inhale the vapors of in order to become intoxicated: to huff glue.
verb (used without object)
  1. to take offense; speak indignantly.
  2. to puff or blow; breathe heavily.
  3. to swell with pride or arrogance; swagger or bluster.

Origin of huff

1575–85; imitative; see puff

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  1. slang the practice of inhaling toxic fumes from glue and other household products for their intoxicating effects
Derived Formshuffer, noun


  1. a passing mood of anger or pique (esp in the phrase in a huff)
  1. to make or become angry or resentful
  2. (intr) to blow or puff heavily
  3. Also: blow draughts to remove (an opponent's draught) from the board for failure to make a capture
  4. (tr) obsolete to bully
  5. huffing and puffing empty threats or objections; bluster
Derived Formshuffish or huffy, adjectivehuffily or huffishly, adverbhuffiness or huffishness, noun

Word Origin for huff

C16: of imitative origin; compare puff
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Word Origin and History for huffing



mid-15c., apparently imitative of exhaling. Extended sense of "bluster with indignation" is attested from 1590s. Related: Huffed; huffing. As a slang term for a type of narcotics abuse, by 1996. As a noun from 1590s; to leave in a huff is recorded from 1778. Popular terms for "strong beer or ale" noted from 1577 include huff cap as well as mad dog and dragon's milk.

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In addition to the idiom beginning with huff

  • huff and puff

also see:

  • in a huff
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