[ hyooor, often, yoo ]


  1. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “heart, mind.”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Hugh1

Variant of Hughes ( def )

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Example Sentences

Paul and Hugh haven’t spoken in years, as Paul’s increasingly bullish nationalistic beliefs became too much for Hugh to bear.

From Time

Also, when Nelson died and Hugh Morrow did his own oral history project and talked to about 75 Rockefeller associates.

Hugh Bonneville denies claims dog is being killed off due to the unfortunate connotations of its name, "Isis".

Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine in the movies and the flashy Boy From Oz on stage.

He would joke around about the idea of getting a part so Hugh helped put the wheels in motion to make it happen.

“Thanks to Hugh Holliman, death row inmates could leave prison early and move in next door,” the leaflet said.

Nobody else wanted Hugh Egerton's society, and he began to believe that this girl sincerely did want it.

Was Sir Hugh Wheeler aware of the proposed marriage, with all the terrible consequences that it heralded?

He wrote a letter to Sir Hugh Wheeler warning the gallant old general that he might expect to be attacked forthwith.

Lost as he was to most external things, Hugh roused himself to some surprise at the name of the hotel.

Presently Hugh waked out of his own thoughts, and noticed the little girl's silence.





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