human resources

[ hyoo-muhn ree-sawr-sis, ree-zawr-siz, yoo-muhn ]
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  1. (used with a plural verb) people, especially the personnel employed by a given company, institution, or the like.

  2. (used with a singular verb) human resources department.

Origin of human resources

First recorded in 1965–70
  • Also called HR [eych-ahr] /ˈeɪtʃˈɑr/ .

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How to use human resources in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for human resources

human resources

pl n
    • the workforce of an organization

    • (as modifier): human-resources management; human-resources officer

    • the office or department in an organization that interviews, appoints, or keeps records of employees

    • (as modifier): a human-resources consultancy

  1. the contribution to an employing organization which its workforce could provide in effort, skills, knowledge, etc

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